JMK Skates / Minion

JMK Skates / Minion


JMKRIDE is the worldwide leader in Freeskates. Highest quality at an affordable price.

Proformance wheels are ready out of the box for free skating’s unique style.
No need to break these wheels in, Proformance wheels are primed for carving, bowls, flatland, and downhill alike.
JMKRIDE Wheels Comparison

*If [Without “Grip tapes”] is selected ,no grip tape is included. If necessary, please order grip tapes separately.

*If you select “Defective product” as the option, the product will be a product that does not meet the standards set by JMKRIDE and have minor cosmetic defaults like a scratch or chip in the paint. The performance is exactly the same as the regular product. No returns or refunds. As is.
Please note that we have a limited number of these products, so we may cancel your order if they are sold out.
In that case, we will contact you by e-mail. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

*Please note that even “Regular product” may have uneven paint, peeling, slipping, or dents due to the nature of the product. (within the standards set by JMKRIDE)

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